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got its name from the river Hvt, the largest river in province Borgarfjrur.
River Hvta runs from glacier Eirksjkull where it starts its journey to the ocean as a merry stream. Brooks and rivers are running into it, and when it meets the ocean at Borgarnes 117 km away from its source it has become a huge river.
There are six bridges on river Hvt. In a typical daytrip around province Borgarfjrur, we cross all the bridges, that's where the name HVT travel comes from.

The two counties Mrassla and Borgarfjararssla are together called Borgarfjrur.
River Hvt is the borderline between the two counties from glacier Eirksjkull to Borgarnes.
The size of the two counties is 5276 km2.
The landscape of Borgarfjrur is most versatile, many types of mountains, beaches, lava, islands, glaciers, deserts, bushes, rivers, lavacaves, and geothermal heat is to be seen in the province.
Many of the best known salmon rivers of Iceland are in Borgarfjrur and some of the best known sagas of Iceland took place in the province.
Borgarfjrur is beautiful !
, the homestead of HVT travel is a town with nearly 2000 inhabitants, and is the center of the province. The town is founded 1867, but the area was first settled in the year 891. The main industries of the town is commercial and industry. The town has got good supermarkets, shops, restaurants, museums, two hotels, youth hostels, and a sport center with swimming pools and hot tubs. Nearby the town you can go golfing, rent a horse or go hiking or fishing. The estuaries of Hvt are near Borgarnes.
Borgarnes is the scene of Egils saga.